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Interview mit Q-Entertainment den Machern von LUMINES

Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: Interviews
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PSP Artikel vom 26.05.2005

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We talked to Ryuichi of Q-Entertainment about the action-puzzler LUMINES. What the deveopers had to say about the games, is to be found in our interview.

Kevin Jensen: ( Could you shortly present your position and introduce Q-Entertainment to us?

Ryuichi Hi. My name is Ryuichi.

Q Entertainment was established on October 2003. Assigning Shuji Utsumi as a CEO, Tetsuya Mizuguchi as a CCO, we are producing
entertainment contents mainly focused on video game software.

My role in LUMINES project was to direct a whole production in general. I also adjust its final game balance as well.

Kevin Jensen: ( Lumines will be a Launch-Title in Europe. Can you tell us what Lumines is all about? How many modes of game play are there, etc.
What keeps you playing?

Ryuichi As we have the phrase "puzzle and music" for a basic concept of LUMINES, we aimed to fuse action puzzler, music, and special graphics into one video game title.
As for the game modes, there are "Single Player Mode", "Versus 2-Player Mode", "Versus CPU Mode", and "Puzzle Mode" of which goal is to recreate the presented shape with blocks.
And what is more, we have 3 more modes under "Single Player Mode". One is "Challenge Mode" which you continue to play with different skins. Another is "Single Skin Mode" where you keep playing the same skin to mark your high score. The Last is "Time Attack Mode" that you challenge yourself by erasing as many blocks as you can in a limited amount of time.

Since LUMINES itself is an endless action puzzle game, you can keep playing as long as you want. But for more of fun factors, you
can get new bonus skins or characters by accomplishing various challenges.

Kevin Jensen: ( Can you tell us more about your decision to use this special kind of graphic style?

Ryuichi Yokota, the artwork director, established the current graphic style. From the very begining of the planning phase, he had the concept of skin in his mind to swap the set of music and graphics as the game goes on.
There are so much extent of variety of skins that it could almost affect the game play, but we decided to emphasize its originality rather than making everything stale.
We are satisfied with its graphics which matches up to the brand new hardware like PSP and creating a new wave of action puzzler.

Kevin Jensen: ( What kind of roll does music play in Lumines? Which musical events can be activated?

Ryuichi Music plays a vital role in LUMINES. As your play goes on, different BGM unfolds even in the same stage. Its sound effect vaires depending on how you erase the blocks and how you interact with the game overall.
This feature is really different from that of previous action puzzlers, and it gives you a strong sense of euphoria and immersiveness.

Other than this, music is deeply related to the rule of the game. The flow of the "Timeline", which decides the timing of block erasion, is synchronized to the tempo of the BGM. Even if you are playing under the same game rule, the feel of the game completely varies depending on the tempo of the BGM you play to.

Kevin Jensen: ( What makes Lumines so unique, that everybody is going crazy for it?

Ryuichi The fascination of LUMINES lies in the euphoria and immersiveness generated from the fusion of simple game rule, music, and eye-chatching graphics. I might be repeating what I previously mentioned though.

Kevin Jensen: ( Will the European version have any improvements in comparison to the Japanese or US-Version of the game? Will there by additional downloadable content in the future?

Ryuichi Compare to Japanese version, US version was added with the retry featur and its loading speed is improved. We hope to make it easier for users to play comfortable. The difference between US and European version is simply language localization.

Kevin Jensen: ( If you had to describe Lumines in one sentence, what would you say?

Ryuichi I would say "The action puzzler of sound and light".

Kevin Jensen: ( You also developed Meteos for the Nintendo DS. How do you think will the targeting groups of these two systems differ? Which system is your personal favourite? Why?

Ryuichi Although these two machines are categorized as the same handheld gaming device, its feature is completely different. Thus, difference of development process differs a lot. PSP has a high resolution wide screen. DS has dual screen and touch panel.
We carefully thought each features from the very early planing phase. Both of them are truly fascinating machines that inspire our
creativity a lot.
As for DS, it can provide a new gameplay through stylus interface. For PSP, it is able to express a beautiful graphic with the highest machine power among the handheld device ever made.

Kevin Jensen: ( What are your favourite handheld games and which game would you like to see to go portable?

Ryuichi Ummm... It's really hard to pick one.
Anyway, I personally like the games that take advantage of the handheld game device. Easy to play, easy to start, whenever, whereever I want.
This could be self-praising but both LUMINES and METEOS are the exact games I'd like to play, and this pushed my passion toward the production.

Kevin Jensen: ( Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Ryuichi The game rule is quite simple.
You will instantly understand it by playing it for just a few minutes.
It constantly gets difficult as you play but please take a look at the play demo when you hit the wall. You'll see the tips for improving your game play there.
Experience the fusion with games by LUMIES.

Thanks to Ryuichi for the friendly support.

The Interview was held by Kevin Jensen for

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